Thursday, May 28, 2009

Butterfly Garden at Lockwood Farm

Every summer I visit the Bird & Butterfly Garden at Lockwood Farm in Hamden Connecticut. The garden is a quiet sanctuary filled with plants to attract birds and butterflies. If you look closely in the pond you'll find a couple of frogs.
There are benches throughout and a butterfly chair where I love to sit and daydream. Below are some of the flowers you can find throughout the garden.



Sedum Autumn Joy



Butterfly Weed

Butterfly Bush




Pond Lily




Hosta Blossom

(Pictures Courtesy of Carlos I. Fernandez)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Butterfly Conservatory

Today Carlos and I took a trip to Deerfield Massachusetts. We set out to find Magic Wings a Butterfly Conservatory. I never imagined what a wonderful experience it would be. Through an inviting door that said enter we discovered a world of beautiful flying flowers. I had never seen so many butterflies gathered in one place at the same time or so many varieties.

There were so many colors blues, greens, oranges, red. I was truly amazed and now more than ever convinced that there is a greater being manning the ship of our lives. No mere mortal could create such BEAUTIFUL creatures.

A Touch of God's Caress :)

As we were getting ready to leave I wished a butterfly would land on my hand. From my mouth to God's ears, a Blue Morpho Peleides butterfly landed on Carlos hand.
He gently placed it on mine and as you can see I was so pleased.

The upper side is a beautiful almost glowing blue,

The underside looks like a Buckeye Butterfly

End of a BEAUTIFUL DAY!!!!!!!!

If you would like more information on Magic Wings, please visit them at:

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Winter Is Over

The long winter is over. It was filled with bad news and challenges that seemed so insurmountable. Spring has arrived and with it the HOPE of renewal, and of second chances.

Each blossom that opens is a caress on my face. A reminder of God's wonders, his mercy and his goodness.

As I toil in the garden I look forward to the butterflies, the flying flowers that great me everyday doing thier dance of wonderment. The birds have been greeting me early in the morning with their different melodies, they are busy making their nests getting ready for their little ones to join them in song.

It has been a very long winter indeed but I have FAITH that good things will come. I already have the greatest gift of all, being loved unconditionally! That gives me Strength.